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Walker Funeral Home Rating: 5.7. $64.00+


Walker Mortuaries have been owned and operated by the Walker Family since 1952. Their four Funeral Homes are all in Utah Valley, Orem, Provo, Spanish Fork and Payson. Today Stewart Walker and Allyn Walker own the funeral Home and it is managed and operated by their sons.

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Walker Mortuary Service: 5/10

Walker Mortuaries have a full time receptionists at only 2 of their locations Spanish Fork and Provo.  If you call Walker Mortuary they can assist you 24/7 and a knowledgeable funeral home staff will answer the phone. Not a third party answering service.  Walker’s website received 55 out of 100 on marketing.grader.com. Their site is not very informative about their services or their prices. There are no interactive areas to post comments or purchase any items. They have really two different sites. One for their Spanish Fork and Payson locations and one for their Provo and Orem locations.

Popular website reviews:

  • Yelp: 3 stars with 1 review (see below)
  • Google+: 5 stars 6 reviews (see below)
  • BBB: no rating
  • Their site: no customer review capability
  • Our Rating: 5.7. $64.00+

Walker Mortuary Locations/Facilities: 7/10

Walker Mortuary has four locations.

  • Their Walker Mortuary Spanish Fork location is at 187 S Main Spanish Fork, Utah.
  • Their Walker Sanderson Tribute Center located in Provo is at 85 E 300 S Provo, Utah.
  • Their Walker Sanderson Funeral Home in orem is located at 646 E 800 N Orem, Utah.
  • Their Walker Mortuary Payson location is at 587 S 100 W Payson, Utah.

Walker Mortuaries are all full service mortuaries because they can provide all the services needed for any type of arrangement or service at their funeral homes.  This includes being able to have a service of 100 people or more in each of their facilities.  They also have the ability to hold multiple viewings at one time. They own and operate their own fleet of limousines and hearses. In addition Walker Mortuary owns and runs a crematory so all of their cremations are done in-house.

Walker mortuary today is split into two separate businesses.  Walker Family Mortuaries which are the Spanish Fork and Payson locations are managed by Allyn’s Family and the Tribute Center in Provo and Walker Sanderson in Orem are managed by Stewart’s Family.

Walker Mortuary Cost: 0.04% below Utah Average

  • Full Service Burial $64.00 above Utah average.
  • Direct Burial is $893.00 below Utah average.
  • Full Service Cremation is $443.00 above Utah average.
  • Direct Cremation is $329.00 below Utah average.

Download the Utah Average Funeral Price List for free so you can have a full comparison on all Walker Mortuary prices compared to the Utah Average.

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