What Does A Prepaid Funeral Not Cover?

  A prepaid funeral does not cover anything not specifically mentioned in the contract at the time the arrangement is made.  It also does not cover any taxes or government fees for death certificates or permits that will be assessed at the time of death.  Items from other vendors not associated with the funeral home,&hellip

Why do I need Death Certificates?

Death certificates are typically required in order to close accounts, transfer custody of an account, make transactions or receive benefits from any account of the deceased.  Examples of accounts you would need a death certificate for are insurance policies, bank accounts, loans, utilities, stock accounts, and others. Death Certificates are the official government document that&hellip

4 Big Financial Questions You Didn’t  Know To Ask

Families come to us all the time asking about funeral plans, expenses and especially about pre-paid funerals but many don’t know a few key questions that could save them lots of money and help them make the best decisions. We shed some light on the most important financial questions to ensure that it isn’t your wallet&hellip

10 Tips and Hints When Choosing A Mortuary

Tip 1- Don’t always use the first mortuary you call. Hint- You can save thousands of dollars and unnecessary headache by shopping around. Tip 2- Is the mortuary family owned or corporate owned? Family owned mortuaries usually give more personal attention and service. Hint- When a corporation buys a mortuary they will keep the original name. You will&hellip

How much does a casket cost?

Caskets can vary in price from $895 for a basic steel casket to over $40,000 for a gold plated casket.  The type and quality of casket you want will be the biggest factor in price. However, funeral homes will most always have different pricing for caskets. One funeral home will charge $1,350 for a casket&hellip