Berg Mortuary

Berg Mortuary Rating: 4.9.$501.00+

185 East Center Street
Provo, UT 84606

500 North State Street
Orem, UT 84057

535 East Fourth South
Springville, UT 84663


Ole H. Berg opened Berg Mortuary in Provo at the turn of the century. Due to growth in the company, the home has moved within Provo. It has resided at it’s current location on East Center Street in Provo since 1935.  Berg Mortuary is one of the oldest funeral homes in the state with two locations. Today Berg Mortuary is owned by Carl Berg and the general manager is J. Todd Jenkins.

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Berg Mortuary Service: 4/10

When walking into Berg Mortuary, a receptionist or staff member is there to greet you and give you any information on pricing or services. When calling during business hours a member of the staff is available to assist you with any questions about pricing or services.  After hour calls are directed to an answering service that will answer the phone and connect you to a funeral director. If the funeral director is unavailable, they will call you back to assist you. Berg’s Website grades out at a 46 out of 100 due to lack of interactive options for consumers. The following are online reviews for Berg Mortuary.

Popular website reviews:

  • Yelp: One Star : 1 star 1 review
  • Google+: No Stars – 2 stars 2 reviews
  • BBB: A+
  • Their site: No Public Review posting available
  • Our site: 4.9.$501.00+

Berg Mortuary Locations/Facilities: 9/10

Berg Mortuary has three locations and one cemetery.

  • Main Burg Mortuary location is in Provo at185 East Center Street Provo, Utah.
  • Berg Mortuary in Orem is at 500 North State Street Orem, Utah
  • Berg Mortuary in Springville is located at 535 East Fourth South Springville, Utah.
  • Berg Mortuary owns one cemetery at 1000 North 400 East Orem, Utah.

Berg Mortuary has beautifully well kept grounds and landscaping at their Provo Location. Inside the funeral home is outdated and feels dark. However, it is very clean. Berg has the facilities to accommodate multiple viewings at one time and a chapel to hold a funeral service of more than 100 people. Berg has multiple locations for better convenience throughout Utah county.  Berg also owns and operates their own crematory. Therefore, all of their cremations are done in house.

Berg Mortuary Cost: 13% Below Utah Average

  • Full Service Burial is $501.00 below the Utah average.
  • Direct Burial is $258.00 below the Utah average.
  • Full Service Cremation is  $704.00 below the Utah average.
  • Direct Cremation is $249.00 below the Utah average.

Download the Utah Average Funeral Price List for free so you can have a full comparison on all Berg Mortuary’s prices compared to the Utah Average.

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